Caspar, an Investment and Wealth Management Practise, works with an objective to help our clients create long term wealth through a portfolio of investments across high growth markets including India.

Caspar currently operates out of India, Canada, UK and Dubai to help the discerning investor transact handpicked investments across geographies and we’ve got assets covered across the spectrum to ensure we have the right solution to match an individual / entity’s financial objectives.

From helping our clients articulate their financial goals and expectations to identifying the right match in the right geography to assisting them raise finance to managing the investment to facilitating an exit, our offerings are structured to cover the entire life cycle of an investment.

Our in-depth knowledge of a geography’s micro-market and markets in general coupled with the knowledge and skill built by putting in years of ‘hard yards’ in the business, enables us to serve our clients effectively.

Furthermore, our competitive advantages include our experienced team of professionals, a global platform and a unifying philosophy. Our philosophy, consisting of six tenets – integrity, risk control, focus, empathy, consistency and diligence - underlines our commitment to excellence in investing and advisory.

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